Statewide Security Monitoring can now supply Personal GPS Trackers that are compliant with the National Police Alarm Response Guidelines. The National Police Alarm Responses Guidelines require the Monitoring Centre to track the location at regular intervals after an activation (minimum polling 60 seconds) and report any changes in location to the police.

Unlike other Personal GPS Trackers that send location updates at regular intervals, some as low 1 hour GPS Location updates and 3 minute heartbeats. Our supplied Personal GPS Trackers have a programmable heartbeat interval (test intervals) and then send a location once activated every minute for 30 minutes, ensuring the correct location is available for the appropriate response.

Other reporting features which have also been added, include;

  • Charging started / plugged in to a charger,
  • Unplugged from the charger and
  • When the battery is recharged.

These features add to the simplicity of the P88 tracker supplied by Statewide Security Monitoring.

If you would like a bureau to contact you about the benefit of using the P88 Personal GPS Tracker, fill in the form below and a bureau will contact you directly.

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