Have you considered your family’s or employee’s personal safety?

Statewide Security Monitoring through our extensive bureau network is able to offer a solution the SW03 and the SW05The SW03 and SW05 4G Personal Alarm / Watch is a personal safety device, specially designed from feedback from end users.

Both devices are fully integrated into Statewide Security Monitoring’s, monitoring software and feature real time tracking, monitoring and two-way voice communication.

The 4G Personal Alarm / Watch is specially programmed to provide the most suitable method of operation. Press the SOS button and 4G Personal Alarm / Watch will transmit an alarm message containing your location as determined by GPS or Bluetooth beacons to the monitoring centre. The monitoring centre will respond by calling the Personal Alarm / Watch, this incoming call will be answered automatically allowing operators to determine the cause of event, the user doesn’t need to push any buttons.

Once the SOS button or fall alert is triggered the 4G Personal Alarm / Watch will continue to update its location to the monitoring centre.

With optional Indoor Bluetooth Beacons, the SW03 and SW05 can also provide position information indoors with no GPS coverage.