What is difference between Statewide Security Monitoring being graded A2 compared to an A1 graded Alarm Monitoring Centre?

All control rooms are graded in accordance with AS2201.2, Intruder Alarm System – Monitoring Centres by independent auditors.

The letter A indicates the grading of the building services and construction, the number is for operations, equipment and staff.

Statewide Security Monitoring is built to the highest standards (AS2201.2, Intruder Alarm System – Monitoring Centres), receiving the A classification for building services and construction.

The 2 rating means that Statewide Security Monitoring can choose when to have two or more operators on duty.

The required processing times for a Grade 1 Alarm Monitoring Centre is 95%. From the 1st January 2021 to the 31st December 2021, Statewide Security Monitoring maintained a compliance of 99.95%, exceeding the requirements for any graded control room.

Statewide Security Monitoring conducts monthly reviews to ensure continued compliance with AS2201.2, Intruder Alarm System – Monitoring Centres